Ramsey Elementary
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Ramsey Elementary School, part of the Monroeville, PA Gateway School District, Ignored Their Own Security Process and Allowed a Random Man into the School

Updated – March 22nd, 2022 at 10:53PM

The Gateway school board held an emergency meeting tonight. Here’s the video.

Original Story – March 18th, 2022 at 6:38PM

On Tuesday, March 15th an individual was allowed into Ramsey Elementary School by the school’s secretary. This obviously goes against the school’s security process and the school employee has been placed on leave pending the investigation.

After the perpetrator was allowed into “use the restroom,” he was unaccompanied and entered the girls’ restroom and was there for around 40 minutes. During that time, a female student saw an inappropriate person there and ran out to find the principle of the school, Mr. Rosi. From there, the perpetrator was found to have a box cutter and cell phone by police after they arrived. It won’t be known if any photos were taken until the forensic investigation of the phone is complete.

You can read the letter sent out by the school district in its entirety, next.

Oddly, equity and other racial issues have been placed to the forefront of talks instead of the fact that the school needs to fill 4 of their 13 safety officer positions. School board meetings have barely covered safety. The School board director has taken responsibility for not filling those positions fast enough.

Many parents have come out to voice their concerns about this situation. One parent named Jonathon Steinkopf has gone to YouTube to talk about the details. In the video, he goes over many of the details in the letter, but from his own point of view. Keep in mind that we have checked with the board and staff members and many details do not align with what Jonathon is saying in the video. Please take his, and the school district’s, words with a grain of salt until the investigation is over.

As was noted, these views are of one parent. We will update this story once the investigation is fully complete.

For now, what we can say is that there was an obvious egregious security slip at this school. The perpetrator, Brian Mintmier, s charged with possessing an instrument of crime, possessing an instrument of crime on school property and invasion of privacy.

ramsey elementary school

Judging by this man’s photo, I don’t see how anyone would allow him it (let a lone anyone in general). This must be what happens when liberal, progressivism takes over the education system and paints everything as rainbows and lollipops.

Stay tuned for updates on this case.

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