Mesus And Burden Call It Even
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Mesus and Burden Have Teamed Up Before, but Thanks to the Popularity of Other Artists Teaming Up For Full Albums, an Entire Album From the Two Artists is on the Horizon

Mesus and Burden are both big names in the independent rap territory and we’ve actively covered their previous work. I’ve followed their work pretty extensively, and we all at Offensively Patriotic enjoy their work. Much of it makes you think against the grain of the corporate media narrative. Tracks like “Do Not Comply” by Burden, “Dictator” by Mesus and “Riot for Me” where they both have previously collaborated are some are their best work. Even if you don’t think you are much of a rap listener, these tracks will have you feeling the bars because they speak to you.

In comes their next project together, Strength in Numbers. The album releases March 25th and you can preorder it here. Until then, the duo has released a track and video from the album named ‘”Call it Even” where the two want to make a deal with those trying to give them the jab. It’s basically an eye for an eye, but more like a shot for a shot.

Boy, try give me that shot, you’ll get shot
Call it even…

-Mesus, “Call it Even” track

Did you have time to watch and listen above? What do you think? A little bit different of a beat and overall sound, but that’s what makes these indie artists so good. You’re never stuck with the same sound over and over again. It’s a real experience with these two and I foresee this entire album continuing that journey, or maybe we just call it even?

Let us know below your thoughts on these artists and the new track.

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