Burden Do Not Comply
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Rapper and Artist, Burden, Releases New Track and Video “Do Not Comply” Further Solidifying How Every Patriot Feels

The independent artist has been on a rampage over the last couple of years with releasing very American and freedom-loving tracks that completely demolish the mainstream narrative. This rapper is the complete package of intelligence, speed and flow with bangers like “We the People,” “Message From America” and “Riot For Me” (feat. Mesus). He’s also released a treasure trove of anti-Biden tracks, so make sure to check those out.

Burden’s latest, “Do Not Comply” is a reminder to those sick of the government tyranny going around to not comply. Simply say no, but also be prepared for what they might do.

Watch and listen to his latest now.

“What if people would have listened. How you like the cost of livin’. How’d that inflation hit you, when you make all that money you gotta spend it,” Burden drops the bars of truth on you as a wake up call.

I will not comply, Burden won’t comply, and neither should you.

Let us know your thoughts on this song, video and the general tyranny going on in the world today in the comments below or start a conversation in the forums.

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