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Kyle Kemper, the half-brother of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has done a series of interviews calling out the tyrant.

There are several video interviews with Kemper talking about how he sees the Canadian Prime Minister as nothing but a sock puppet for the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign relations.

Daniel Wooton, “Uncalled” journalist, had quite the sit down with Kemper.

At one point Wooton interjects in the conversation and asks,

“So why, why is your brother doing this? Why does he seemingly want to divide Canada? Have you been able to work it out?”

Kemper answers,

“Well, I mean, I have my own kind of philosophies on it, but it seems to be uh, um, that’s the script. That is he is representing the pharmaceutical agenda and a world economic forum, a Bill and Malinda Gates kind of agenda that is decidedly un-Canadian, and it wasn’t ever voted on. Canadians never voted for vaccine mandates. And uh, you know, we’ve been disconnected, and this trucker convoy, most importantly, has created a sense, an opportunity, for unity and for people to come together.

And make no mistake, what Ottawa, what’s going on in Ottawa isn’t hateful and… Swastikas are NOT flying on street corners. That was one photo, never in the crowd, that was cherry-picked and then retweeted by the mainstream pharmaceutical media that just pushed this narrative to try to slander the entire movement. But the reality on the streets… I’ve been talking to these truckers, I’ve been talking to the people, they’re cleaning up the streets, crime is down, they’re sharing, there is community, there’s dancing, there’s high vibration music, and they just want our freedom back. They want the ‘true north strong and free’ (Lord Tennyson’s description of Canada) is what Canada is known as.”

Kyle Kemper

Wootton says,

“I think there is a real irony on a couple of levels, Kyle, and I want to put both of them to you because the first is obviously your brother, Trudeau, big supporter of the BLM movement, and we know that they were responsible for all sorts of acts of violence in North America over the past couple of years. Uh, secondly, uh how do you stack up your, your, brother’s view on racism given his past with ‘black face’?”

Kemper responds,

“Right, I mean, he, he’s done, you know, done some things I’m sure he regrets and don’t accurately necessarily represent him as a person. But, it’s really kind of telling that those who speak and like cast hate onto other groups are themselves representing like hate and division. And by like trying to like dismiss or denigrate, you know, like a VAST segment of Canadians who don’t believe the lies anymore, they’re done with the fear. They’ve woken up. They see this is all a house of cards of lies. They have serious questions from the safety of this (vaccines) around our children’s future, around; ‘What is Canada going to become?’ And this has become a clarion call for Canadians to stand up and say, ‘You know we are demanding our freedoms back.’ And let’s have a discussion.

You know one of the challenges I think Justin and the entire pharmaceutical corporatocracy has is YOU CAN NOT DEBATE, YOU CAN NOT GET INTO A DEBATE IN THIS BECAUSE YOUR SCIENCE DOESN’T STAND UP TO DEBATE! TRUTH STANDS UP TO DEBATE. Lies (to the narrative) need to be censored. And you need to use fact-checkers, and misinformation quotes an army of blue checkmarks to propagate a narrative.”

Kemper did not hold back on his thoughts about Trudeau:

“I want to start by saying Justin is the leader of the liberal party, and everything that is coming out of his mouth right now is written. All of his tweets are being produced by a team. All of his statements, he is…

He is the face and the lead spokesperson of the Canadian government, but the policies and initiatives that are driving it and are driving this narrative that he continues to push, that in my opinion is anti-freedom and anti-Canadian, is coming down from the higher-ups, from groups like the World Economic Forum, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderberg. They recognize they need to have these strong agents within governments, and one thing we have seen within governments all around the world are weak leaders who are able to act as spokespeople.”

Is Trudeau nothing more than a puppet for these globalist groups? We’ve seen the videos of him promoting Build Back Better, which is nothing more than the globalist Great Reset agenda.

Even our own embarrassment that was installed in the White House is pushing Build Back Better.

Our leaders have forgotten what their jobs are supposed to be. Looking out for the best interest of the citizens of their countries rather than the happiness of the elites who bully them.

It makes me happy to see Canadians standing up for their freedoms. Even the leader’s family. It was great reading about Saskatchewan, Canada will end the vaccine passport system it has been using on Monday, February 14.

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