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Stacy Abrams, a Georgia governor wannabe, was photographed maskless and sitting on the floor amongst masked children. The leftist elitist faced a lot of backlash and removed the photo.

Stacy Abrams visited the Glennwood Elementary School on Friday where she was photographed unmasked amongst the children. Glennwood’s principal, Dr. Holly Brookins, shared three of the photos on her Twitter account which has been deactivated. Abrams shared the photos but deleted the Tweet once she realized people were mad at her hypocrisy.

Maskless Stacy Abrams Photographed Among Masked Children In Georgia 1

“Stacey Abrams wants state government mask mandates for Georgians and their children,” Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp tweeted. “But it looks like they wouldn’t apply when she’s attending a photo op.”

The school is located in Decatur City, which recently extended its face mask mandate until February 22, 2022.

Conservative think tank American Principles Project: “Self-righteous politicians show off their smile as they force your children to be muzzled all day, set back years in their development, and carry the burden of a pandemic that was never at high risk to them.”

Board-certified ophthalmologist and biomedical research scientist Houman David Hemmati: “This recent image of political activist @staceyabrams of Georgia (who is at VERY high risk for COVID death) sitting unmasked, with a huge wide grin, in front of forcibly masked kids whose smiles we/they will never see, exemplifies the hypocrisy of politicians.”

The hypocrisy of the elite is mind-blowing. She’s not the only Democrat facing backlash for flouting the rules that they wholeheartedly support. Governor Newsom in California was photographed maskless at an NFL game in a stadium where face masks are required.

Her campaign was quick to put out a statement blaming everyone else for her bad decisions without actually addressing her bad decisions.

“It is shameful that our opponents are using a Black History Month reading event for Georgia children as the impetus for a false political attack, and it is pitiful and predictable that our opponents continue to look for opportunities to distract from their failed records when it comes to protecting public health during the pandemic,” the statement reads.

While they try to use her skin color to make you feel bad, remember that she did and continues to push the masking mandates.

Remember, rules for thee not for me is their moto. It’s ok for them to ignore the rules that they put in place for us. They claim to care about our children, they do not. They want control and they know that the weak-minded will continue to obey everything they say.

Stand up to them. Stand up for your children. Demand the hypocrisy end.

Do not comply. Keep these hypocritical pieces of poo out of our government. It’s time true Americans were put back into the government.

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