South Carolina Vaccine Status
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The Proposed South Carolina Law Wouldn’t Just Make it Illegal, But Would Also Add a $14,000 Fine and Possible 1 Year Maximum Sentence in Prison

The new “Don’t Ask” bill proposed in the State of South Carolina by Representative William Chumley (R, District 35) would make it illegal for employers, businesses or representatives of them to request someone’s vaccine status. It would add fines and possible prison time of up to 1 year, too.

Part of House bill H.4848 reads, “…any representative of a public, private, or nonprofit entity…who inquires about Covid-19 vaccination status…must be fined not more than $14,000 or imprisoned not more than one year.”

It’s finally nice to see politicians on the other side of things pushing back against the tyrannical policies with the same emphasis that the left uses. Want to try and fine those who won’t enforce mandates? Fine, we’ll fine you if you even ask. Nice work.

Rep. Chumley told Fox Carolina that “South Carolina didn’t want to get in this fight. It was brought to us by the federal government.” He continued by saying this was a “freedom and job protection issue.”

Can we get more representatives like this in our States and Federal government, please? That would be great. Thanks.

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