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RINO Dan Crenshaw is facing backlash after yelling at an 18-year-old girl who questioned him about a quaote at public event.

Dan Crenshaw, “Republican” representative of Texas, was caught on video snapping at an 18-year-old girl about a quote he made Monday evening at a Montgomery Party Tea Party PAC meeting.

The young girl read an exact quote from Crenshaw from a 2020 appearance on the Jocko Podcast.  “The important thing is that we have societal hero archetypes that we look up to. Jesus is a hero archetype, Superman is a hero archetype. Real characters too, you know, I put, I could name a thousand … You know, know Rosa Parks, Ronald Reagan, all of these people embody certain attributes that the American people think ‘This is good.’” 

“Nowhere in that quote am I saying Jesus is not real. That’s a ridiculous statement,” Crenshaw says during the exchange.

I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly how it sounds.

The audience can be heard booing RINO Crenshaw as he berated the girl for expressing her first amendment rights.

“Don’t talk to a kid like that, jerk,” one man in the crowd said with another calling Dan Crenshaw a “moron”.

“You guys can ask questions about all of these things and I will answer them, but don’t question my faith,” Crenshaw added.

“I can question your faith if this is what you said,” the girl said.

Dan Crenshaw

Crenshaw didn’t seem to win over a lot of support during his heated exchange with the young girl. He had an opportunity to explain things, to be kind, but he wasn’t. He showed his true nature.

Jameson Ellis, a conservative challenging Crenshaw’s seat in the House, tweeted out a video of the young woman asking the question to the Texas lawmaker regarding Jesus.

Crenshaw is hardly the only RINO within the Republican party. While his actions have been less than patriotic considering he supports red flag laws, in November 13 Republican RINOs helped pass Infrastructure Bill, 228-206.

While we talk about voting out the Democrat liberals, socialists, and Marxists from our government, the RINO’s have to be voted out as well. Take to the polls during primaries and general elections and let your voices be heard.

We want America back.

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