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Sick Joe Biden Spotted Maskless At DC Restaurant 1
Sick Joe Biden Spotted Maskless At DC Restaurant 2
Sick Joe Biden Spotted Maskless At DC Restaurant 3


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Sick Joe Biden Spotted Maskless At DC Restaurant

Sick Joe Biden Spotted Maskless At DC Restaurant
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A sick Joe Biden was spotted at a posh DC restaurant maskless this week. This comes after his many, many mumbling rants about wearing us peasants wearing our masks and comes just weeks after he received backlash for his mainly maskless Thanksgiving vacation in Nantucket.

Press secretary Jen Psaki recently commented that DC should reinstate the mask mandate in order to abide by CDC guidelines, I guess forgetting to tell former vice president Joe Biden.

Q  Thank you, Jen. A number of cities, including New York, LA, San Francisco require proof of vaccination to access indoor dining, bars, and other non-essential businesses. Given the new variant, does the administration believe that more cities and localities should enact similar proof of vaccination requirements?
MS. PSAKI: They may decide to do that. Our — our approach and our view has always been that’s up to cities and localities. It is not, as you know, that CDC guidance has changed on this front. There’s a lot we don’t know about the variant. We’re learning more every single day.
But again, we continue to believe that’s up to states and localities on what they need to do to protect people in their community.
And just similarly, with respect to states, cities, and localities, there are a number of cities that still have not reinstated mask mandates, but they do fall within the substantial- or high-transmission category that the CDC has outlined for areas where there should be indoor mask mandates in place.
So, do you think cities like D.C. and New York, which are still in substantial- or high-transmission, should abide by the CDC guidelines?
MS. PSAKI: Of course, they should; every city should. I would note, just — and this wasn’t exactly your question, but I thought this was an interesting piece of data as it relates to vaccination rates: Yesterday, 1 million people received booster shots; 2.2 million shots total. That’s our highest day since May.

People picked up on Friday that Biden didn’t sound quite right as he coughed throughout his speech about the horrendous November jobs reports.

He blamed his young grandson for his illness.

“I’m OK, I have a test every day — a COVID test. I have been checking for all the strains. What I have is a 1-and-a-half-year-old grandson, who had a cold, who loves to kiss his pop,” Biden said.

Rather than doing what the left and the MSM deem as responsible, Biden went out maskless to eat at Imperfecto.

Remember, he and the rest of the left have been screaming like lunatics about not leaving your house if you’re sick or unvaccinated. Biden left a press conference to go out to eat while sick and no mask.

sick joe biden

His outing to Imperfecto won’t be his only outing this weekend. He also has plans to attend the 44th Annual Kennedy Center Honors for lifetime artistic achievements on Sunday all while he’s sick.

White House physician Kevin O’ Connor decided to release an assessment, which contradicted Biden’s claim that he’s tested daily for Covid, but confirmed the former vice president does have a cold.

“As is readily apparent, President Biden is experiencing some increased nasal congestion this week,” O’Connor wrote. “This can be heard in his voice and he is feeling the colloquially well-known ‘frog in one’s throat.'”

“Investigation has included a comprehensive respiratory panel which includes 19 common respiratory pathogens, to include COVID-19, other coronaviruses, influenze, streptococcus, to name a few,” O’Connor said. “All of these tests were negative. Including the above, he has been tested for COVID-19 three times this week.”

You are expected to always wear your mask. Stay home if you’re sick. Call off work and miss pay. Suffer and struggle all the while the elitists who remain in power will continue to ignore their own rules and mandates.

Those mandates and rules are for us, not for them. So while we try to retain some semblance of normalcy as we fight against the tyranny, Biden will continue living his life normally and go out in DC while sick. Spreading his germs all over the place.

Yet we the people are the problem.

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