Philadelphia Breaks Own Homicide Record of 500 in a Year

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Philadelphia, PA Has Now Surpassed 500 Homicides in One Year, Breaking its Own Record While Having The Most Strict Gun Control in the State

If you needed yet further proof that gun control only hurts law-abiding citizens, take a look at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Gun laws are the most strict in the city compared to anywhere in the State, including Pittsburgh. The city has also been democrat-ran since 1952. That’s right… the city hasn’t had a Republican mayor since before 1952.

The city has been creeping up the list of the most dangerous cities in America and its previous record for homicides was 500 in one year set in 1990. Now, the city has set a new record of 508 with still a month to go in the year. By the time you read this, it will likely be higher. According to police department numbers, homicides are up over 12% compared to the same time last year.

The latest murder occurred Monday, November 29th when a 14 year old waiting for a bus was shot 18 times. 36 total shots were fired.

What is the mayor blaming? Guns and Harrisburg politicians “not caring.”

“There are people making money selling these guns, making these guns and the legislature, not the people behind me, don’t care. They don’t care how many people get killed.”

– Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney

Maybe realize that the gun control you have in place, isn’t helping. Gun control only controls law-abiding citizens. You are spending so much time to get people to get a jab to “save lives,” yet you seem to forget there are real threats to worry about.

Wake up.

What are your thoughts? How would you solve this city’s issues now that these politicians have allowed them to get this bad.

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