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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Set To Start This Week 2
The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Set To Start This Week 3
The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Set To Start This Week 4


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The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Set To Start This Week

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Set To Start This Week
Post Sponsor: Five CBD | ReliefThe Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Set To Start This Week 5

The long awaited Ghislaine Maxwell trial start this week. Maxwell was the girlfriend, confidant, and madame to sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Last year we started investigations into Jeffrey Epstein and his perv island that a lot of elitists and globalists, such as Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, visited. Ghislaine Maxwell is one of the only people on the planet who can answer a lot of the unanswered questions that we have.

The British socialite faces six counts stemming from the fact she helped recruit and groom teenage girls for Epstein to sexually abuse.

The trial is scheduled to start in federal court in Manhattan on Monday with opening statements about the eagerly awaited case.

“From the prosecution, you’d expect that they would lay out their case and give a preview of the type of evidence that’s going to come in, and a preview of who the witnesses will be, and they’re going to want to try to lay out their whole story of their case,” said Jennifer Louis-Jeune, a veteran defense attorney in New York, of what to expect in the first days of Maxwell’s trial.

“The defense usually holds back a little bit more in an opening statement because we don’t know what all the evidence is, and we just want the jury to really be thinking critically when they listen to each witness – and to not take what the witness says as being the truth just because they’re on the stand, and to think of how all the witnesses fit together.”

Ghislaine Maxwell trial
Jane Rosenberg/REUTERS

It’s not likely that Maxwell will be questioned about helping Epstein arrange “dates” with women over the age of 18. It’s not expected that she’ll be questioned regarding a civil lawsuit brought on by one of the victims who claim that Maxwell trafficked her to Prince Andrew when she was only 17.

The Ghislaine Maxwell Trial Set To Start This Week 1

U.S. District Judge Alison Nathan of the Southern District of New York has limited the scope of federal prosecutors by focusing the case against her specifically on allegations that she helped Epstein recruit and abuse underage girls from 1994 through 2004.

“This is going to be a narrow slice of what happened,” said civil attorney Dan Kaiser, who represents several alleged Epstein victims though none involved in this particular trial. “This is a ring that ensnared dozens and dozens and dozens of girls. And Maxwell was an integral player. You could say she was Epstein’s chief operating officer.”

In August 2020 we posted about the documents that were unsealed and the horrendous and evil deeds that were done to these children. Yet, those who were named have gone unpunished for the parts they’ve played in the perverse actions.

The horrid web of deceit, evil, and hurt that Epstein and Maxwell weaved is finally coming undone. My hope is that as the trial progresses if she’s not Clintoned, she will name names and the victims will finally have justice for what they endured.

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