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China has manufactured fake US Warships in the Northwest Desert  to use for target practice.

There is a vast difference between what is going on with the US military and with Chian’s. As General Mark Milley whines about white rage and commits treason with the very country that is creating fake US warships to take over, China is kicking into high gear.

China has built detailed, life-size mock-ups of several US warships in the desert and is apparently using them as target practice, according to new satellite images.  

This should terrify absolutely everybody.

Fake Us Warships
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There was a time when our Navy was the largest and most feared in the world. That is no longer the case. China’s navy is now the largest naval force in the world which includes aircraft carriers.

In 2015, the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) had 255 battle force ships in its fleet, according to the US Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). As of the end of 2020, it had 360, over 60 more than the US Navy, according to an ONI forecast.

It is expected that a new Chinese aircraft carrier that equals in technological power as any US Warship could be launched as early as February 2022 according to an analysis of satellite imagery

“Based on available information and observed progress at Jiangnan, the authors estimate that the Type 003 will launch in roughly three to six months,” CSIS said in a commentary published November 9.

Colorado-based satellite imagery company Maxar Technologies captured the images that show the outlines of a full-scale US carrier and two destroyers, one of those ships is on a railway track suggesting that it may be used as a moving target.

China Makes Fake Us Warships For Target Practice 1

As reported by NBC News: Recent months have also seen a substantial increase in Chinese military flights just southwest of Taiwan, the self-governing island republic claimed by Beijing as its own territory and which it threatens to annex by force. Washington provides Taiwan with much of its weaponry and U.S. law requires that it ensures the island can defend itself and treats threats to it as matters of “grave concern.”

The complex where the mockups were seen is close to a former target range China previously used for ballistic missile testing.

“The mockups of several probable U.S. warships, along with other warships (mounted on rails and mobile), could simulate targets related to seeking/target acquisition testing,” the US Naval Institute said, citing a summary of the images by geospatial intelligence company AllSource Analysis.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin denied knowing about the satellite imagery during a press briefing Monday, saying, “I’m not aware of the situation.”

Do we really believe the CCP though? Do we believe anything that comes out of our government?

As our country continues to weaken under the installed administration it is highly concerning to see the Chinese military using fake US warships for whatever military training they are doing in the desert. At what point do you think the leaders in our military will go, “Oh sh!t. Maybe we should have been more concerned with building up our military strength rather than focusing on wokeism and white rage.”

This is yet another reason why our 2A is so incredibly important. There may come a day when the military cannot defend and protect our land. It may eventually come to the point that the civilians who own 400+ million firearms will have to protect our country from invasion.

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