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As countries ramp up their vaccine mandates and push the medical procedure on all citizens, hospitals are swamped with extremely sick patients, people who are sicker than ever, yet they do not have covid.

Hospitals are swamped with sick patients. The ER’s are bursting at the seems as they try to keep up with the demand for care. According to InfoWars and NPR hospitals in America, Australia, and Sweden are filled and the media is insistent that “no one knows why.” 

It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the experimental mRNA jabs that the world leaders are attempting to force on everybody.

Here in America in certain areas of the country where Covid did not overwhelm hospitals, patients are arriving at ER’s in droves far sicker now than they were before the mess started.

One ER, Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, Michigan, is struggling to care for those who show up for treatment.

Reported at NPR: Tiffani Dusang, the emergency room’s nursing director, practically vibrates with pent-up anxiety, looking at all the patients lying on a long line of stretchers pushed up against the beige walls of the hospital’s hallways. “It’s hard to watch,” she says in her warm Texan twang.

But there’s nothing she can do. The ER’s 72 rooms are already filled.

“I always feel very, very bad when I walk down the hallway and see that people are in pain or needing to sleep or needing quiet. But they have to be in the hallway with, as you can see, 10 or 15 people walking by every minute.”

Hospitals Are Swamped

It’s not just the emergency rooms that are suffering due to this “mystery” illness that is afflicting so many people. Long-term care floors and ICU’s are teeming with Covid and non-Covid patients. As these units fill with the extremely sick, others are being held in the ER’s which is holding up beds for new patients coming in. This is also forcing ER staff to perform that long-term care on patients; roles that these folks were not trained to do.

This problem is also causing a major breach of privacy. Something that is supposed to be taken very seriously.

Sparrow Hospital again is having this very problem.

There is no privacy, as Alejos Perrientoz just learned. He came to the ER this particular morning because his arm has been tingling and painful for over a week now. He can no longer hold a cup of coffee. A nurse gave him a full physical exam in the brown recliner, which made him self-conscious about having his shirt lifted up in front of strangers. “I felt a little uncomfortable,” he whispers. “But I have no choice, you know? I’m in the hallway. There’s no rooms.”

“We could have done the physical in the parking lot,” he adds, managing a laugh.

Sparrow hospital isn’t the only facility that is affected by overcrowding. Hospitals are swamped across the country.

Dr. Lisa Moreno, president of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine said, “We are hearing from members in every part of the country. The Midwest, the South, the Northeast, the West … they are seeing this exact same phenomenon.”

While ER visits returned to pre-pandemic numbers over the summer, admission rates from ER to inpatient stay, are almost 20% higher according to Although the number of ER visits returned to pre-coronavirus levels this past summer, admission rates, from the ER to the hospital’s inpatient floors, are still almost 20% higher. That’s according to the most recent analysis by the Epic Health Research Network.

“It’s an early indicator that what’s happening in the ED is that we’re seeing more acute cases than we were pre-pandemic,” says Caleb Cox, a data scientist at Epic.

We’re truly in unprecedented times. Hospitals are still overwhelmed with patients, though it’s not just Covid that is making them extremely sick. While the MSM claim they have no idea what could be causing all of these illnesses, it’s funny how the sickness started so shortly after the Covid vaccines started.

We’ve read reports of such extremeness in some hospitals that they’re even forcing teen girls to wear plastic bags on their heads.

An unintended consequence of everything that is occurring, including the terminations of unvaccinated staff, is the fact that these facilities are short-staffed which will negatively affect patient care. As more patients arrive in our ER’s as the administration continues to fire people, nurses are being put into dangerous situations where they have to care for more and more patients at the same time.

Is the answer as simple as there is just another serious illness floating around? Or is it something more sinister? Are the Covid jabs causing a bigger problem that the MSM and the installed administration are ignoring and not informing the public?

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