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Certain U.S. Schools Are Keeping Parents From Vaccine Clinics in Order to Get Around the Need for Consent and Instead Use the United Nations’ Devious Approach of Using “Assent”

In 2014, the UN wrote about the way vaccinations and other medical aid was distributed to those not of adult age which varies by country. No parents being around meant that legal issues could arise, so they decided to create a way to continue administering the medical aid. Assent was a way they came up with. This was predominantly used for the immigration and refugee children crossing borders or when going into countries after natural disasters or wars.

The UN document from 2014 details their description of “consent” before going into what “assent” is. According to the UN description of assent, “International law provides strong support for children’s rights to participate in decisions about their health and health care, and also in the planning and provision of health services relevant to them and based on their evolving capacity.”

As a quick side note but relating to what schools are doing with assent and the vaccines, check to see if your child’s school is adding Critical Theory that notes the “Declaration of the Rights of the Child.”

United Nations Doc 1
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The UN document also delved into ways of obtaining consent. One of those ways is to simply send a letter to the parents and if the child shows at the location of a vaccination site, then consent is assumed. This idea is detailed as the third bullet point in the next image.

United Nations Doc 2
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In a bid that should further enrage parents, the UN document mentions on page 4 that, “when mandatory vaccination is established in relevant provisions in law, consent may not be required.” So, they were setting the stage in 2014 to ignite the possibility that consent may not even be necessary in the first place. Toward the end of the document they expand on assent and not needing consent from parents, “where parental consent is required, health workers should allow older children and adolescents to provide assent to the vaccination.”

Read the full document next.

Now, these tactics are being used in school systems in the West. We’ve already seen the assent tactic used in Australia, and now we have at least two in the U.S.; one in California and another in Hawaii. The school system in Hawaii, however, is blocking parents from showing up at the vaccination clinics being held there. This is obviously being done to make sure parents don’t get in the way of the “consent” given. Remember, they are following the UN idea of if your kid shows up and you were sent a letter, you’ve given “consent.”

The Biden administration and many Democrat lawmakers are following the ideas set in this very UN document. As you’ll see below, the school system in Hawaii, Kalihi Kai, is sending a letter to parents about a vaccination clinics occurring on November 10th and December 1st, 2021. They’re forcing two doses onto them, so this is the reason for two dates. As you can probably guess, they are using the very same UN tactics laid out above.

Kalihi Kai Vaccine Clinic
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Don’t worry though, the school staff will “be on-hand to comfort and monitor your child.” Yeah… like that should help your worries.

These politicians and globalist assholes are basically telling parents to go out of their way to make sure their kids aren’t around during these shots. The dates are even given so parents will know. So, either don’t send your kids to school those days, or completely pull them out and home school them. Luckily, my own kids are able to do cyber schooling where we live, so I don’t have to worry too much about this, yet.

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