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New York City Public Art Officials Voted Unanimously Last Week to Remove the 188-year-old Statue of Thomas Jefferson

After years of certain “officials” in New York City trying to have the Thomas Jefferson statue from City Hall removed, they have now succeeded. The statue will be removed after a unanimous vote, last week. New York City Public Art Officials deemed the statue ‘racist’ due to Jefferson owning slaves.

“This administration owes it to the more than five million New Yorkers of color our members – past, present and future – represent, to resolve that the individuals memorialized within the confines of our People’s House be reflective not only of the best traditions of our city’s history and its diversity but unquestionable character…”

– City Council’s Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus Statement to Mayor Bill de Blasio

This issue has even found itself become part of the mayoral race in New York City. Both major candidates, Curtis Sliwa and Eric Adams have thoughts on the matter.

“Do we suddenly wipe out the images, the markings, the names of all those great patriots because they were slaveholders and slave holding was quite common at that time?”

– NYC Mayor Candidate, Curtis Sliwa

“There are a number of appropriate figures to honor in our seat of government who are more directly meaningful to our people and are more reflective of our city’s history than Thomas Jefferson.”

NYC Mayor Candidate, Eric Adams

The city and officials have until the end of the year to decide where the statue will go.

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States of America and Author of the Declaration of Independence, owned slaves much like many of his time. It’s obviously not something we would think to be ‘okay’ today, but back then it was normal. Every human being has done things that are good and bad, especially when looking at them across a time. Yet, we know this isn’t about that, otherwise we wouldn’t have a statue of George Floyd.

It should also be noted that Jefferson wrote a bill establishing religious freedom in Virginia, enacted in 1786, prior to the Bill of Rights being written. He was a great patriot. One who used his pen more than his words, and should be seen for the great foundation he allows us to build upon.

There goes another statue. Sadly, President Trump was right: they were going to take Thomas Jefferson, eventually.

Let us know your thoughts and feelings below or in the forums and thanks for reading.

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