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New Users Will Notice the Default Search Engine in the Brave Browser is Set to Brave Search Instead of Google

Brave has kicked Google to the curb on their web browser. Starting now, after downloading and installing their browser, the default search engine will be their own instead of Google search. You can still set Google search to default if you, for some reason, you miss being tracked.

For those of you hearing about Brave for the first time, they released a browser and search engine over the last few years and have been the new standout for privacy and security standards. Some of you may be asking, “but I thought DuckDuckGo carried the torch?” Read our article on why this isn’t true.

Brave’s slogan is “The Best Privacy Online” and they tout details like “3x faster than Chrome” and “Better protection from Google and Big Tech.” So far, they seem to tell the truth. Brave only uses other search engine results in the rare circumstances that theirs can’t find a result. These results still block tracking data.

Brave Browser

You can download the Brave browser from and search using They also have apps for iOS and Android, and have premium services including a VPN.

The biggest thing to watch for in the future is how they will handle their own ads. As long as they don’t track you and use that data, their ads shouldn’t be an issue. Again, something to watch out for.

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