Biden Shouts, Pounds Like a Dictator Over Number of Democracies in the World, or Something

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Sounding Like Other Dictators of History, Joe Biden Shouts and Pounds Over Fewer and Fewer Democracies

On Friday October 15, 2021, Joe Biden made a public address at the University of Connecticut. He addressed human rights and antisemitism, of all things. Biden said he’s taken steps to “put human rights back at the center of our foreign policy.” Really? You just had a car full of children blown up in Afghanistan not too long ago… Yes, I’m still young enough to remember that, Joe.

He also made comments about how we have “fewer democracies in the world than we did 15 years ago.” First, that’s not even true when going by Our World in Data‘s numbers. The data stops at 2018, but 15 years ago saw a dip in the number of democracies. Fact check: incorrect. That being said, even if he were correct, it would be globalism and policies like his that would be the cause of less democracies.

The former Vice President then, after shouting and pounding about “fewer democracies,” he then adds, “cannot be sustained.” What is that supposed to mean? Does he believe they cannot be? Does he even realize the United States of America is NOT a Democracy but is a Republic?

Watch the clip form The Hill that includes the shouting and pounding then watch our Who Did it Best comparison after.

Thoughts? Is dementia Joe going into the angry phase of his illness? Do you agree that he’s sounding more and more like a true dictator? Is the Hitler comparison too far? Don’t worry. We aren’t ever going to change, but we’d still like to know your views.

Thanks for reading.

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