Covid Vax Tinnitus
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Many May Have Heard of the Complaints About COVID Vaccines Causing Tinnitus, but Now More Mainstream Local News is Reporting These Issues, We Found Even More Data

These “vaccinations” have been causing many issues in people. Some of those issues include hearing problems like tinnitus. The problem is, nobody really seems to care. The elites want you to simply shut up and take your jab. However, when a mainstream, local media outlet reports on side effects from the vaccines, your ears should perk up.

Mine did.

In the following video, you’ll see many people note how bad the ringing in their ears has gotten. It’s also been going on for months. See for yourself.

The report tries to make it seem like the problem goes away completely, but we found VAERS data that says otherwise. The data, before being removed from the databases, shows almost 9,000 cases where those with Tinnitus did not recover. The last numbers reported were in August, so it’s likely these numbers have grown.

Covid Vaccines Causing Tinnitus

Just another reason why I wouldn’t get these “vaccines,” among others. I wouldn’t want a lifelong ringing in my ears/head.

What are your thoughts? Have you gotten the vaccines maybe due to work forcing you to? Have side effects? Let us know below.

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