William Shatner Blue Origin
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William Shatner, known as the original Captain Kirk on “Star Trek”, Goes to Space Like His Famous Character With Blue Origin

The difference between the way Shatner went to space versus Kirk? Shatner traveled in a fallace-shaped rocket. The 90-year old retired actor said after landing that, “everyone in the World needs to do this.”

The bigger story, at least to us here at Offensively Patriotic, is the fact that he tried to push the Climate Change “end of the world” agenda. That’s right. They couldn’t possibly let this moment go to waste.

“It’s so fragile,” Shatner said on NBC’s “TODAY” show. “The fragility of this planet. The coming catastrophic event… and we all need to clean this act up now,” he said. The elites just seem to know that some catastrophic event is on the horizon, or they just want us to believe that so carbon taxes can be implemented.

You can watch the launch and landing below, if you’re interested. It is a pretty big achievement to send a large pene into space, after all.

William Shatner Blue Origin

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