Mesus Dictator
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“Dictator” Continues the Trend of Bashing the Hell Out of the Former Vice President Joe Biden

If you were looking for a sequel to Burden’s “F*ck Biden” track, this one will probably suffice. Considering Mesus includes Burden in this video as a nod, you would probably do well to add this song right after “F*ck Biden” in your playlist.

If you haven’t heard any of his music before, Mesus has songs where he likes to point out the hypocrisy of the music industry, especially lately, with questioning race and why people can or can’t say certain words. He likes to point out in songs like “Guest” that music is a sound, so how can rap be black music (dissing racist Nick Cannon). He also questions masks in “deMASKus.”

While having no problem wearing his Christianity on his sleeve, rapper Mesus will be the first to say he isn’t political, but is just a pissed off American. I think many can get behind that.

Country rap, alt rap and American freedom rap has been taking over by storm over the last few years, especially as mainstream rap and music in general stopped speaking for the regular everyday American. Listen and watch to “Dictator” and judge it for yourself.

What did you think? Does it match up to “F*ck Biden,” or does it fall flat? Are you at least adding Mesus to your playlist? Let us know in the comments below or start a conversation in our community forums.

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