Human-Pig Hybrid
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Alex Jones First Warned of Chimeras, and We Now Know They are Creating Them in Labs, but is This First Video of a Human-Pig Hybrid?

There have been many stories over the past few years bringing to light what scientists are creating in labs known as chimeras or human-animal hybrids. This is happening all over the world, including here in the US. Recently, it was announced that even China is working on them. To top it off, 132 human-monkey hybrid embryos were grown in a lab in China by an international team of scientists from the U.S., Spain and China. As if we needed to keep working with the Chinese in labs…

Now, a video is taking the internet by storm of a deformed creature. Is this a human-pig chimera? Or is this simply a mutation of some kind due to chemicals, the environment or something else? See the video for yourself.

It’s hard to distinguish what is being said in Spanish, but the words “human” and “pig” are said.

By the looks of it, it sure doesn’t seem like a typical pig or any other animal for that matter. The eyes, tongue and head in general look somewhat human while the body takes its looks from a pig-like animal. This is very sickening if indeed found to be a real chimera of any kind. It’s also very telling that Congress won’t block funding for this type of “research.”

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