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Many Are Doubting if Former Vice President Joe Biden Received a 3rd Vaccine Dose at all, and Seeing the Movie Stage Created for the PsyOp Will Help Support Those Claims

There have been many who have beliefs that Joe Biden has not been getting vaccinated at all, let alone this latest booster shot he received on camera. Not many have noticed this image that shows from a new and shocking angle.

This image shows that the entire environment was a set or stage, much like what you would see for a Hollywood movie.

Originally, the images and videos never showed much outside of the general area around Biden and the nurse giving the “vaccine.” However, check out the image comparison below and tell us what you notice.

The Scene Of Biden Receiving His 3Rd Vaccine Dose Was A Movie Stage Psyop 1Biden Fake
Left Image is the Typical View Seen and the Right is the Hard to Find View

Notice how if you never saw the right image, you would never know how fake that background is. The right image clearly shows how the entire surrounding environment is fake. Where did they want people to believe they were in the White House? An even better question is, why did they want people to believe this event took place inside the White House and why did they spend so much effort on faking it?

Interesting questions coming from a situation that wouldn’t normally require them. Why is something so basic being so faked? You can check out a larger image by clicking on it below.

3Rd Vaccine Dose - President Joe Biden
Click to See the Full View

You can also see the media in this setting and how they are situated. Did anyone there question this or even wonder why this stage was setup?

Seeing this image can really start to make one question what the HELL is real anymore. Was a 3rd vaccine dose given to Joe Biden on this psyop movie stage? Let us know what your thoughts are below.

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