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Mayor Lightfoot Has A New Plan To Fight Violence

Mayor Lightfoot Has A New Plan To Fight Violence
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Mayor Lightfoot announced her newest idea to fight the rampant violence on the streets of Chicago. Sue the street gangs.

Chicago is notorious for its very strict gun control laws. It’s also notorious for its violent crimes. Mayor Lightfoot has been an utter failure when it comes to getting the violent crime under control and keeping her citizens safe.

Mayor Lightfoot has been mishandling Chicago since her disastrous mayorship started. One policy that may be hampering the police’s ability to curb the violence is the fact that they have to get permission to chase suspects on foot.

On August 7, Chicago police officer Ella French was gunned down while on duty, shortly after returning from maternity leave. Mayor Lightfoot took to social media to place the blame on guns rather than the thugs who murdered the new mom.

“Some say we don’t do enough for the police. Others say we do too much,” she began. “All of this must stop. We have a common enemy: it’s guns & the violence they bring,” she added.

Maybe that’s where the problems lie. The fact that the mayor is taking responsibility from the person committing crimes and placing it on an object.

The mayor’s newest plan though, it’s insane. It’s baffling. It’s never going to work. She plans on suing street gangs. The city ordinance went into place late Tuesday that would allow the city to file lawsuits against street gangs – seeking money and other assets.

“We will hold you accountable,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Tuesday in announcing the proposal.

The plan would allow for the city’s lawyers to file the lawsuits. A judge could order the forfeiture of money or property that is directly or indirectly related to street gang activity.

Mayor Lightfoot

She believes that her plan is vital n the fight against gun violence in Chicago. She believes that lawsuits against criminals will help with the gun violence in her gun-free city.

While these types of lawsuits are nothing new, legal experts are concerned that they won’t be useful in Chicago.

“In federal court, you’re dealing with organized street gangs – in many cases involving individuals that are in their 30s, sometimes even in their 40s – that are moving large amounts of drugs,” said Eric H. Sussman of Reed Smith LLP, a former federal prosecutor.

I’m not sure which plan is more asinine, paying criminals not to shoot each other or suing the gangs.

“In state court, most of these 15- and 16-year-olds they can’t even identify aren’t even subject to adult criminal prosecution,” Former federal prosecutor Eric Sussman said.

Attorney John Mauck of the firm Mauck & Baker is very familiar with gang lawsuits in Kane County. “Most of the lawsuits were ended by default judgments,” he said. “Either they didn’t serve the individuals, or the individuals didn’t bother to come to court.”

“They’ll sue a bunch of gang members and get some judgments and say, ‘Look what we’ve done,’ but it won’t accomplish anything,” Mauck said. “It’s for show.”

The Democrat-controlled cities are failing and falling apart. They continue to use the same practices over and over again expecting different results. When their plans fail they blame everybody but themselves and nobody holds them accountable. Which is what we need to do. Leaders need to be held accountable for their actions, especially when it results in cities being overrun with crime and violence.

There’s only one solution to the problem in Chicago, allow the law-abiding citizens to have their second amendment rights. Allow the police to do their jobs. When those in positions of authority in the government hinder our amendments and police things will not end well as we are seeing in all of those cities.

Protect our rights and stand up to the tyranny that is invading our country.


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