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Data is Now Coming Out of Plenty of Countries Showing the COVID Vaccines Not Only Don’t Work, but Almost Prove They May be Making Things Worse

There are many views on the “vaccines” and COVID-19. Some believe that the jab is not helping and others believe the jab is making things worse (either on purpose or because of lack of testing). You also have the issue of the testing and case numbers. Do the case numbers even matter after knowing the PCR tests aren’t fully legitimate?

If we play their game by their own rules and follow the “case numbers” they are throwing out there for us to read, then we can see that the case numbers rise even while more and more of the vaccination rates increase. You can believe either the vaccinations don’t work or that they make things worse and you’d be at least more correct than the mainstream media or anyone else pushing the vaccines.

The first set of data is a comparison between Mexico and Israel. This data takes into account the ENTIRE population, including those too young for the vaccinations. That’s why Israel seems so low compared to the 80% seen in most data.

You’ll find that as the vaccination rate has increased, the death rate has, too. The fact that Mexico is less than half as vaccinated as Israel is, yet the death rate gap is unchanged says a lot.

It’s interesting to see the waves of death go along with the typical season changes as if the vaccinations mean nothing. We’ll have to see how this second wave looks over the next few months. I happen to believe that it will be higher because the vaccines are making things worse, but that’s just my opinion based on a lot of other data.

Next we can see the data coming out of England and Scotland. Scotland is 83% fully vaccinated and England sits at 81% fully vaccinated. These numbers are not like the ones above and do NOT include those too young to be given the vaccines.

England Vs Scotland Hospitalizations Covid Vaccines
England vs Scotland Hospitalizations

Hospitalizations are rising in both countries, but obviously England is much worse. That being said, are the hospitalization numbers being manipulated? Are they for other reasons other than COVID-19? If they are continuing to manipulate even hospitalizations, they have to know it’s making them look bad still. If vaccination rates are so high, then why are hospitalizations increasing? Obviously, I know that answer, but I’d love to hear their own.

Next, we can see the Norway numbers where as the vaccination rate rises, the case numbers basically match up perfectly. This is the BIG piece of data from Our World in Data that almost proves the vaccine caused the jump in cases.

Norway Vaccine Rate/Cases - Covid Vaccines
Norway Vaccine Rate/Cases – Our World in Data

And for the final bit of data, we have Israel again. This shows each jab and it’s jump in case numbers.

Israel Cases - Covid Vaccines
Israel Cases

You can really see that the vaccine and boosters looking like they cause the jumps in cases. These waves don’t go along whatsoever with any seasonal changes and don’t match up with any usual waves of sickness.

Again, depending on how you look at this data, it could mean different things. The one constant, however, is that the case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths don’t react positively to the vaccination rates. The reaction is either none or that the vaccines make things worse.

The COVID vaccines don’t do what they say they do. The point of me telling you this over and over is for you to simply look into the issue yourself, rather than just believing everything the mainstream tells you.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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