French Police Beat Woman in Mall for Not Having Vaccine Passport

French Police Beat Woman

The French Police Are Seen Hunting Down a Woman to Beat Her for Not Having a Vaccine Passport; Red Armbands Included

We’ve been able to identify the reason as definitely being over not having a vaccine passport. This tyranny is spreading on a global scale. The French Police seem to be dressing up in full riot gear now with helmets, batons and some type of light weight body armor.

Watch the video and see how far France is getting on their journey of trying to top Australia as the world’s number one tyrannical government.

Notice the armbands? Notice how some cheered toward the end of the video when she was beaten and taken down? This should teach you to be weary of your fellow citizens when this comes here to the Unites States. Pick your friends wisely.

French Police Beat Woman over vaccine passport

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