Australia Health Chief Admits to New World Order Agenda


Australia Health Chief Holds Nothing Back in Announcing That the Covid-19 Tyranny is Pushing the New World Order Agenda

In a press conference today, the Australia Health Chief Dr. Kerry-Ann Grant was asked several questions relating to the lockdowns, vaccination rate and how those you were quarantined will be treated after being released. The answers may or may not shock you depending on if you’ve been following along.

One answer that shocked all of us here at Offensively Patriotic was about the detail on the New World Order. Sure, we knew this was a thing, but the fact that she so brazenly detailed the agenda being the reason behind the tyranny is what’s so fascinating.

Watch our clip.

It’s pretty clear what’s going on here by her own words. She never corrected herself or double-spoke. This is legitimate. Get yourself ready for this to come here, especially after the announcement made by the former Vice President Joe Biden today.

new world order agenda

We must all say NO to any “new normal,” Great Reset or New World Order agenda. You can’t do it alone, but many hands make light work.

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