West Virginia Governor Admits to Increase in Deaths of the Fully Vaccinated

Jim Justice

Governor Jim Justice of West Virginia Admits to Increase in Deaths, Cases, and Hospitalizations Among the Fully Vaccinated

It’s as if the vaccines don’t do what they say they do. In fact, it’s almost like they are causing more issues than they resolve. As you can see in the video, the Governor of West Virginia admits to what we all see in front of us: that vaccines don’t work.

That being said, instead of the Governor coming to the same idea that we should STOP the vaccinations, he starts pushing the booster shot follow ups.

Watch for yourself.

Governor Jim Justice made it clear that, over the past eight weeks, there has been a 26% increase in new breakthrough cases, a 21% increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization and a 25% increase in deaths of those fully vaccinated.

Two plus two must equal five with this governor because boosters aren’t the answer most would come up with after seeing these numbers.

It’s telling when the Governor said, “we really do need to continue to stay on our toes in every way.” Oh, really? I don’t hear or see you saying anything about making sure your constituents are living healthier lives. Considering obesity seems to be the number 1 issue with fighting off ANY virus, let alone COVID-19.

West Virginia Governor Admits to Increase in deaths

What are your thoughts? Have you gotten any jabs? If you have, do you plan on continuing on the train of turning your immune system into a subscription service? Especially now that they are creating pills to take. Let us know in the comments below.

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