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Biden Administration Advised To Scale Back Booster Plan 1
Biden Administration Advised To Scale Back Booster Plan 2
Biden Administration Advised To Scale Back Booster Plan 3


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Biden Administration Advised To Scale Back Booster Plan

Biden Administration Advised To Scale Back Booster Plan
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The Biden administration is being advised to scale back it’s booster plan after announcing that they were planning to offer boosters for fully vaccinated Americans starting on September 20.

This announcement came shortly after the FDA authorized third shots for those who are immunocompromised.

However, instead of backing up the former vice president and his plan to give those booster shots to all full vaccinated Americans, the FDA and the CDC told the Biden administration to hold off on the plan so more data can be collected and reviewed as was reported in the New York Times.

Deputy CDC director, Jay Butler, cautioned during a press briefing on July 13 that existing data is currently showing that the second shot of a two-dose regimen was statistically when side effects were most likely to develop. He warned that there was a need for more data to be sure that a booster wouldn’t cause a worse situation. “We’re keenly interested in knowing whether or not a third dose may be associated with any higher risk of adverse reactions, particularly some of those more severe—although very rare—side effects,” he said.

The acting commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Janet Woodcock, and head of the CDC, Dr. Rochell Walensky, told the Biden administration on Thursday that both of their agencies may have more information in the next few weeks whether they would recommend the boosters for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine recipients only.

scale back booster plan

The two health leaders made their argument in a meeting with Jeffrey D. Zients, the White House pandemic coordinator. Several people who heard about the session said it was unclear how Mr. Zients responded. But he has insisted for months that the White House will always follow the advice of government scientists, wherever it leads.

Dr. Woodcock and Dr. Walensky came out after Dr. Fauci announced that people would most likely need the third dose to be considered fully vaccinated to enjoy freedom’s privileges.

Welcome to the Orwelian world where the government tells you what freedom you can enjoy.

This also comes after Fauci changed his mind on the frequency of the booster from 8 months to 5 months. He likes to flip-flop on things a lot. Like masks.

How close are we to becoming Canada and Australia with mandating the jab?

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