Allegan County Health Department in Michigan Will Kidnap You if They Deem You a Carrier of COVID-19

Allegan County

Allegan County Health Department in Michigan is Sending Notices to People They Deem to be Carriers About Cooperating with Any and All Orders Otherwise be Kidnapped

The authoritarianism continues to increase more and more in Michigan. Several people have sent us these notices that they have received by the Health Department in a county named Allegan. This is a relatively low populated county with no major cities, yet this type of health tyranny is still ocurring.

In this notice, a parent is sent the notice about their child being in close contact with a COVID-19 positive individual. They now deem their child to be a “carrier.” These notices seem to simply assume they are carriers without even knowing for certain. This means any person can be deemed a “carrier” they so choose which would allow tyrannical moves against that person.

Here’s the first page of that warning notice.


As you can see, the notice does leave a possible process to go about fighting the tyranny, but it’s not the typical due process that we are warranted in the United States of America. This is especially true when they say “should any non-compliant behavior create an emergency situation.” This wording allows tyrants to break any due process at any time, which we have seen over the last 19 months.

We’ve reached out to Allegan County for comment, and will update this article if we hear back. Michigan State Rep. Steve Johnson has called for the firing of the Allegan County Health Director.

If YOU would like to reach out to this Health Department, here is their information.

Remember to be firm, respectful but strong in your messaging to them. Let us know your opinion in the comments or forums.

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