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Our children are sponges. They absorb everything around them, including the fears that you exude. We are living in a time when it seems that the entire world is living in fear. Every time you turn on a tv or run into someone at the store it’s how scary things are. The riots. The protests. The mandates.

The government, Fauci, WHO, NIH, and CDC have turned the pandemic into a political gain for the Democrats. They are exceedingly crossing boundaries that would have been fought back against 100 years ago. They have programmed so many people into just accepting the “science” and letting big daddy government think for them that they don’t know how to say no.

So many parents and people can’t even fathom standing up to Fauci, the installed Biden administration or any of the international governments even to fight for their kids.

Ryanair, a Spanish airline, forced a Covid swab on an autistic child who had an exception causing him extreme mental trauma. They figured an apology after the fact was okay.

The kid’s parents, unfortunately, did not stand up for their son.

In Australia, they are going so far with their lockdowns and tyranny that police are pepper-spraying children and arresting them for not wearing masks.

I belong to a parent group for our local school district. It’s full of left-leaning liberals who are in the mask-wearing, Fauci peepee sucking cult. Despite videos, articles, and Fauci’s emails disproving what the CDC and Fauci have said in the past year a school board member continues to bully parents. Other parents are completely appalled that not everyone wants their children to spend 8 hours a day with a mask on. They are appalled that not everyone wants to protect their precious babies.

If you, as a parent, are that petrified of allowing your children around people without masks why are you sending them to public school? There are options. In fact, when updating information for our district you have to specifically choose in-person learning or online.

Choose that online if you are terrified of life and are passing that on to kids.

We have to remember that our children look to us on how they should interact with the world around them. If parents are stressed, their kids are going to feel stressed. Covid can scare our kids. The isolation from the lockdowns, the constant mask-wearing, the fighting amongst adults can create emotional turmoil in their minds. Our kids are feeling overwhelmed by all of this. They don’t fully understand everything going on around them. They hear teachers screaming at them about being unvaccinated and not wearing masks but reports have come out that the vaccines can cause myocarditis in adolescents.

And at the same time, our kids who pay attention to Hollywood or Youtube see videos and articles about elitists going around without their masks.

As parents, we need to stand up for our children. We need to stand up to the bullies; no matter who they are including school board members, teachers, and other parents, to show our children that they do not need to live their lives in fear. We need to show our children that they are strong enough to stand up for their own rights without fear of having to deal with harassment of people who are supposed to be there to teach them, not cause mental anguish.

Stand up for your kids. Be an example for them. Show them that they don’t have to cower because an adult is telling them they’re worthless, a failure, or they’re wrong for what they are doing.

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