Do Average Americans Want To See Unvaccinated Americans Thrown In Prison? 1
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I just watched a Mark Dice video on Youtube, which, like usual, was great. It was eye opening though. He did a man on the street segment where he was asking people to sign a petition. He was asking average Americans if they want to see unvaccinated Americans thrown in prison.

Surely, nobody would want to force people to get an experimental jab, right? Right?

Wrong. A majority were 100% on board with forcing people to get the Covid jab while throwing people in prison until they just comply.

We’re conservative-minded here at Offensively Patriotic and fully believe that you do you. If you want to mask up, mask up. Want the jab? Get the jab. We just know what we will not do. Which is not mask up and we will not get the jab. But these fascists think it’s 100% okay for them to decide what we do and don’t do?


Watch Mark Dice’s video and leave him a comment about your thoughts on the insanity of these fascist people wanting to put you in prison for not wanting an experimental MRNA jab.

Unvaccinated Americans Thrown In Prison

What’s troubling is the fact that some of these people talk about the variants as though only unvaccinated people are able to spread the virus. We know that’s not true since the CDC admitted that fully vaccinated Americans are super-spreaders.

At what point is it okay for anyone to demand unvaccinated Americans thrown in prison?

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