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We here at Offensively Patriotic have a plan and we need you to help us help them.

Who are them?

Our veterans. That’s who.

“The nation which forgets its defenders will be, itself, forgotten.”— Calvin Coolidge

Throughout the year we see entire months dedicated to one thing or another. There is only one day that we celebrate our veterans. One. Day. One day is given to the few who are brave enough to risk and sacrifice their very lives for our freedoms.

We can give a month to other things though. Our veterans, if people remember, get one day.

As of 2020, our homeless veteran population started to climb back in numbers from an all-time low. There are currently 580,466 homeless veterans. Think about it. Those who were willing to give their lives were tossed to the side once their time was up in the service.

There are a lot of factors that go into the homeless veteran stats. PTSD, no family support, serious mental health issues that are the results of their service, and minimal transition services to go from active-duty to civilian life.

What a lot of civilians don’t understand is that our veterans are pretty much told to flip a switch from an active duty mind to a simple civilian mind. It doesn’t always go as planned. And, unfortunately, a lot of our men and women end up on the streets.

That is where we come in. Forgotten Patriots is the idea of Offensively Patriotic and our way of wanting to give back to those who give so much. Help us help them.

Help Us Help Them

The suicide rate for veterans is 1.5 times greater among veterans than anyone else. About 20 veterans a day, across the country, take their lives. That’s entirely too many who are living on the streets and killing themselves.

Who else suffers from PTSD that can cause them to end their own lives? First responders. So many don’t get the time needed to recover between traumatic events which results in 6.8% experiencing depression. 16.8% end up having PTSD and up to 28% have considered ending their own lives.

What Can We Do?

What can we possibly do to help veterans and first responders? I’ve heard some people say nothing. Why should we help them?

Because. They’ve given so much to help us, save us, and keep us safe that the least we can do it help them heal and stay off the streets. We can offer them counseling, aid, and a place to stay.

But there are homeless shelters.

Yeah, have you ever been to one? They try their hardest to help everyone. They have limited space and don’t specialize in the sorts of mental health issues that so many of our heroes experience because of their experiences.

We can help. You can too. Help us help them.

The Offensive Patriots Helping Forgotten Patriots

We have a vision for a way to help. A way to help with the homelessness problem and the PTSD/suicidal problem that plagues our bravest men and women.

A community.

A community of homes to get a roof over the heads of those who haven’t seen a home in so long.

A community center for those who need the togetherness of others who know what they’ve been through.

A community of like-minded individuals can help when the tough times get tough.

What we want to build

The first, and maybe most important thing to us, is housing. While we’ve been researching the various ways to make it easiest, cheapest, and the best option; a tiny home community could be a great solution across the board. These small homes are the perfect way to create individual spaces for each veteran (or even for the veteran and his/her family) while staying close to one another. Think of it as a gated veteran community just without the gates.

A rec/community center. A space for those who live in the community can gather together and even those who don’t live there but crave that veteran togetherness can go.

Mental health counseling. We want to help our veterans and first responders in more ways than simply getting them home. We want to help them cope. We want to help them not just survive life but thrive at it. Sometimes you just need a little help with the inner demons.

How can you help?

That’s the easy part.

You can donate money HERE, supplies, and/or time.

Our biggest need right off the bat is funding and land space. We’re starting off with one community and spreading from there. We do have over 500K homeless veterans in our country. That is entirely too many.

All funds will be used to start our communities and give our veterans and first responders that thank you they deserve.

You can read more about this in our About Us section and help us help them.

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