Critical Race Theory
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A contracted employee at Hasbro has come forward with claims that the company is pushing critical race theory in trainings for employees.

David Johnson, a Harvey Nash packaging engineer contracted with Hasbro, came forward to Project Veritas claiming that Hasbro is working with The Conscious Kid to give Hasbro employees critical race theory training.

The Conscious Kid is “an education, research, and policy organization dedicated to equity and promoting healthy racial identity development in youth.” The organization offers support in “taking action to disrupt racism in kids.”

After the intial sit down with Project Veritas, Johnson did an interview with FoxNews host Sean Hannity. He explained that Conscious Kids co-founder Kate Ishizuka-Stephens stated during the training that “by 3 to 6 months, babies are beginning to notice and already express preference by race.”

“By age three, children are already starting to apply stereotypes, and research shows that they also may use racist language intentionally at this age. White children at this age may report explicit or overt negative attitudes towards people of color,” Ishizuka-Stephens claimed later in the session, that you can see in Project Veritas youtube video.

Sean Hannity had attorney Leo Terrell on with David Johnson. He said, “I want to make sure everyone hears this. People of all colors are against critical race theory. It is important for Black Americans like you, sir, and myself to say we are not part of that. We believe in judging people by their character and not by skin color. So sir, you have done a great job in throwing a wedge into critical race theory because they want you to believe that all of us support that. We do not. Thank you. Thank you very much,” said Terrell.

Critical Race Theory

Nobody should be really surprised by the fact that Hasbro has CRT training occuring for its employees. Earlier this year, Hasbro announced its intention to drop the “Mr.” from Mr. Potato Head as an effort to be more “gender-neutral.”

This just shows the decline of society, which includes our school systems.

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