Launches to Fight Against Censorship

One Amend

Creators Behind Launch New Social Media Platform

With the overwhelming censorship and privacy concerns occurring on platforms publishing websites like Facebook and Twitter, the creative team behind this website decided to throw our hats in the ring with our own project. We don’t believe in censorship or using/selling your data. We also believe in giving users the ability to contact us easily when there is a problem, whether that be with your account, with another user or with the website itself. is free to use for most features, but we charge for certain features because we do not use an ad system like Google Adsense that tracks you. We may, occasionally, use advertisements for individual companies that want to advertise on their own. Companies like Facebook don’t charge for features because YOU are the product and they make money off selling your data. We don’t, and won’t ever, do that.

One Amend has three membership types with more features being added to each in the future.

One Amend New Memberships

So what makes different? social media about us

Something you won’t find on this infographic is a feature that bodes well for your privacy. All messages are encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about your FBI agent spying on your messages.

So go check out and join up, create a new group or join one already created.

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