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CNN’s Jade Sacker penetrating the Capitol

The MSM and social media platforms have been adamant that the only ones who were violent on January 6 during the storming of the Capitol were Patriots. Only the conservatives and Trump supporters pushed past police, broke windows, and injured people. For awhile the feds were actually saying groups of people were walking around calling for the arrest and execution of politicians which leftists quickly gobbled up and ran with. Of course, we know that to be a lie. In fact, they backtracked on that said they have no proof of that at all.

CNN has been the biggest screamers since President Trump took office. They have taken this moral high ground as though they’ve never done anything wrong. Including calling out everyone who was at the Capitol.

Except their own people.

The same people who cheered on the riots and looting that happened over the summer have been crying that January 6 was the worst day in history. They called the burning of cities and the murder of 30 innocent people mostly peaceful, yet they said a few hours where infiltrators incited riots as a dark day in history.

They are not innocent in the storming of the Capitol and they did it with a BLM/Antifa member.

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