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Joes’ Call for Unity

The MSM has called Joe Biden our president-elect.

The MSM does not declare the president of the United States. The electors do once the election is finished. That includes once all litigation is finished and all recounts are finished. Not while the widespread election fraud is going on.

Of course, the laws did not stop Joe from more of less having a victory speech and taking calls from foreign leaders. (Logan Act? Check out Matt Palumbo’s post on the Dan Bongino Show’s website)

He also gave a speech calling for unity.

A nation united.

A nation strengthened.

A nation healed.

The United States of America.

That’s what Corrupt Joe said. Unity. Healing.

That’s not what the Democrats are calling for. They’re not calling for unity. They want submission. They want those of us who have supported President Trump to be rounded up. They want our names on lists.

I remember other groups throughout history who made lists of their political enemies.

A Call For Unity 1
A Call For Unity 2

We are not to question the election results. We are to simply shut up and comply. Accept whatever the Democrats tell us. Just accept it and move on.

A Call For Unity 3
A Call For Unity 4

The party that has encouraged the looting, rioting, and burning down of our cities expects us to simply shut up and forget about the rampant voter fraud that is being found across the country. They want to put our names on lists.

This is the party that has supported Antifa and BLM. Terrorist organizations that have been at the center of the rioting and looting.

They expect us to just shut up and comply.

They want us to suck it up and accept it. You know the same way they did when President Trump was inaugurated. They don’t want us to scream fraud, like they did. Or collusion, like they did. Or corruption, like they are.

I will not shut up and comply. I will not sit idly by while the Democratic party ruins the great republic that is the United States.

They scream about Democracy. They scream the Republican party and President Trump are ruining our Democracy.

We’re not a Democracy. We are a constitutional republic.

We the people.

As the election wears on we wait for the results of the litigation and state recounts. We’ve seen who the RINO’s are. We’ve seen the MSM have meltdowns because people are no longer taking them seriously. We are seeing the Democratic party for the low IQ individuals that they are. We are seeing the Democratic senators, congressmen, and presidential candidates as the useful idiots that they are.

They expect us to be afraid. They are angry that we’re not rioting and looting like they do whenever things don’t go there way. They’re confused why we aren’t taking to the streets to scream to the sky like they did when President Trump was elected president. They don’t understand our undying love for our great country. They cannot comprehend our respect to the great President of the United States.

We will not comply. You can put us on lists. You can scream until the cows come home about how we are these evil and vile people who simply want our republic to go on with fair and equal elections. You will have to tolerate the fact that we will not tolerate the cheating of the Democratic party.

Sleepy Joe does not want unity. He wants submission.

I. Will. Not. Submit.

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