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President Trump: “If I Lose the Election, You’re Gonna Have to Learn to Speak Chinese”

President Trump on Biden Winning

President Trump was in a phone interview with Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday, August 11th, and spoke about topics dealing with China. Everything from the Pandemic, to the election and even a recent intelligence report that found China would prefer Joe Biden to win in November.

The President was quick to hammer home the message that China would basically own the United States and that because of tariffs he put in place, China is having a hard year.

Watch the video that includes the quote from President Trump on China owning the U.S. if he loses the election.

Many other outlets are running around making reports that this is an embarrassment to think the United States would be the United Chinese States. It wouldn’t need to be completely taken over to that point for China to own the U.S. This country would be owned in ways such as our art, politics and economics being in control of China.

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President Trump: "If I Lose the Election, You're Gonna Have to Learn to Speak Chinese" 1
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