Portland Rioters East Precinct Photo
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Portland Rioters Moved Into Far East Side of City Attacking East Precinct

Last night, August 5th 2020, into this morning, the rioters in Portland moved into the far East side of the city and attacked the East precinct police station for the first time. They have already attacked and burned the North precinct a couple of weeks ago, among other buildings.

This precinct had a barrier of wooden boards as a deterrent, but the rioters pulled that down after removing security cameras. Once the barrier was torn down, the fires were started.

The same typical chants of “f*ck the police” can be heard during the entire attack on the police precinct in day number 70 of these riots. The mainstream media continues to call these riots as protests as well, even with the police calling them riots. It’s all really getting old at this point.

Portland Rioters East Precinct Photo

What do you believe should be done to control these rioters? Let us know below in the comments.

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VIDEO: Portland Rioters Attempted to Burn Down East Precinct Police Station 1
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