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VIDEO: BLM Females Try to Weaponize Their Bodies in the Rain

BLM Females Are Now Using Feminist Tactics and Demonstrating Topless

On Monday, August 3rd 2020 in Canton Ohio, BLM was there to do their thing they do. The activists have said that they showed up with more people at first and the cops met them there. However, the rain seemed to have scattered most of them, including the police.

After the police left, a few BLM members stuck around and decided to pull a feminist tactic and go topless with nipple coverings.

See for yourself.

We’ve seen Antifa combine with Black Lives Matter and now we are seeing the feminists join them as well. This just proves our theory that all of these movements are connected and are not about what they say they are. They are about control.

Our only question is, how long do we have until BLM “murals” are painted with period blood…?

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VIDEO: BLM Females Try to Weaponize Their Bodies in the Rain 1
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