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Shootings, Homicides See Massive Spike in Portland

Shootings, Homicides See Massive Spike in Portland
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In More Than 3 Decades, Portland Sees Most Homicides in One Month

Although lower level crimes are down this year in Portland, violent crimes like homicide, assaults, vandalism and burglaries are seeing massive spikes. This coming among a rapid call for defunding the police.

Portland Shootings Through July 26 2020

As you can see from the graph, shootings are up in the city by more than two times in both June and July.

On Tuesday, July 28th 2020, a homicide occurred that probably tells the full story of just how bad Portland is becoming. A 34 year old woman was stabbed at a Northeast Portland home after returning there from a vigil. That vigil was being held in memory of a 27 year old named Tyrell Penney who was killed in a shooting on Saturday, August 22nd.

Not only is this coming during calls to defund the police, but the city is currently ACTIVELY disbanding units.

City Police Chief Chuck Lovell noted on Thursday, July 30th, that due to the defunding of police through budget cuts, Portland’s ‘Gun Violence Reduction Team’ was completely disbanded. This was one of the units the City Council cut from the budget due to its “disproportionate number of black people they target in traffic stops.”

It looks like disbanding the police isn’t going so well in Portland. Maybe other cities should take heed.

Let us know your thoughts on this situation by creating an account and expressing yourself freely below.

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Shootings, Homicides See Massive Spike in Portland 1


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