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This Video Where Another Doctor Shows Support for Hydroxychloroquine Is Being Censored, Too

Doctor’s Hydroxychloroquine Prescriptions Being Denied

This is amazing to me that so many of these videos are being banned from YouTube, Facebook and other Social Media websites, yet Antifa and BLM can continue to post extremist videos.

No, I don’t want to see ANYONE censored, but the hypocrisy is what I’m calling out.

This video shows a doctor expressing her love for free research and information on Hydroxychloroquine. She even states that her prescriptions are being denied for her patients. Where’s the doctor-patient relationship and decision-making with no government or politician intervention?

The following censored hydroxychloroquine video has been removed from our YouTube channel based on their “terms and policies.” You can watch it here on our own servers.

I still can’t get over the insanity going on in this country whether it be the lack of policing Antifa/BLM or the intervention of politics into the doctor-patient relationship.

I think it’s time for the American people to stand up and speak out against the un-American actions taking place in this country right now. I know it could be tough if you have kids, a family, bills, etc; however, there may not be a future for those things at all if we do nothing.

We’re not only losing our freedom of speech, we’re losing our freedom of choice as well. A simple choice of being able to take a simple and cheap drug like Hydroxychloroquine has been denied. What’s worse is that denial of choice may very well be political.

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This Video Where Another Doctor Shows Support for Hydroxychloroquine Is Being Censored, Too 1
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