Antifa Using Laser Pointers To Blind

American Flag Tattered and Worn 2

Laser Pointers are Being Used on Officers as Well as Journalists like Andy Ngo

Antifa have gotten their hands on lasers. Over the past week, they have managed to permanently blinded three federal officers during the riots in Portland, Oregon. 

The Democrats and other leftists have continued to say that these riots are nothing but peaceful protestors. Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf disagrees and blames the City of Portland for everything that is going on.

“These individuals carried lasers, baseball bats, explosive fireworks, metal pipes, glass bottles, accelerants, and other weapons all targeting federal facilities and federal law enforcement,” Wolf stated. “And yet the city of Portland takes little to no action.”

Andy Ngo is another right-wing journalist who has been under attack from the left.

From Ngo’s YouTube description, “When I was reporting on Portland riots undercover, the Portland Mercury news editor, Alex Zielinski, was informed of my whereabouts by antifa sources who had been stalking me. She then stated my location publicly, endangering myself and those around me.”

If you’re going to a protest as a reporter, be careful.

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Antifa Using Laser Pointers To Blind 1
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