Mask Nazis
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Mask Nazis Don’t Realize Throwing Coffee is Assault, Retaliation is Given

This video was sent in to us from pro-American Trump supporters who were attacked by mask Nazis in southern California.

In the video, you can see that two men were sitting down and having breakfast and having a private conversation. A couple walking by didn’t like their conversation, the Trump hat on the camera man, or the fact that they didn’t have masks on (while eating breakfast).

The camera man has a body cam on and catches the entire confrontation. After the coffee is thrown on one man, he gets up and throws a rare fire and fury of retaliation.

See the video for yourself.

After the video, we know the police showed up and that’s when the mask Nazis find out about the video and the police officers side with the breakfast burrito-eating men. When asked if the men want to press charges, they say “no” but ask the police to make the couple apologize.

What are your thoughts on the video and finally seeing someone stick up for themselves? Sign up for an account and let us know below.

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Exclusive: Anti-Trump Mask Nazis Throw Coffee On Man Eating Burrito; Beta Male Gets Knocked Out 1
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