Punisher Co-Creator Reclaiming Iconic Skull Logo for Black Lives Matter

BLM Punisher Shirt

Punisher Co-Creator Starts Fundraiser Called ‘Black Lives Matter: Skulls for Justice’

The co-creator, Gerry Conway, of the Punisher character and comic is trying to reclaim his iconic symbol and logo for Black Lives Matter. Conway says that his creations have been “co-opted by forces of oppression and [used?] to intimidate black Americans.” He also states that his creations were “never intended as a symbol[s] of oppression.”

If you aren’t aware, the iconic Punisher skull logo has become a hallmark logo of the military and some police. Many military, police officer and veterans like to use it to show that true justice rules the day and that they are the ones to bring it.

Many leftist media outlets (most of the mainstream) will try and tell you that it’s wrong for people in these positions to use the logo because it portrays them as taking justice into their own hands. Meanwhile, many who use it will tell you that it doesn’t go that deep and to relax. It’s more about creating fear in the mind of the criminals or bad guys. Like a PsyOp. Like Navy SEAL Chris Kyle put it:

“Our Comms guy suggested it before the deployment. We all thought what the Punisher did was cool: He righted wrongs. He killed bad guys. He made wrongdoers fear him. That’s what we were all about. So we adapted his symbol  — a skull — and made it our own, with some modifications.

We spray-painted it on our Hummers and body armor, and our helmets and all our guns. And we spray-painted it on every building or wall we could. We wanted people to know, we’re here and we want to f*ck with you… It was our version of PsyOps. You see us? We’re the people kicking your ass. Fear us. Because we will kill you, mother f*cker. You are bad — we are badder.

– Chris Kyle, American Sniper autobiography

A fundraising campaign has been created by Conway for the iconic skull logo to be used for social and racial justice and Black Lives Matter. The campaign is called ‘Black Lives Matter: Skulls for Justice’ and many t-shirt designs have already been created with Black Lives Matter in mind. Conway says, “it’s time to claim this symbol for the cause of equal justice and Black Lives Matter.”

BLM Punisher Shirt

Gerry Conway further Tweeted about the situation.

Gerry Conway Punisher Tweet

We can’t tell you how to handle this if you love this logo and character or if you use the logo, but we aren’t supporting it any longer. We will be making our own skull logo to battle this change. Look for products with the new skull coming to the store soon.

Let us know what your thoughts are by practicing your free speech below.

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