CBS Interviews Bill Gates About His Vaccines; No Real Answers Given

Bill Gates

CBS Interviewed Bill Gates About His Vaccines for COVID-19, its Dangers and More

In the CBS interview, which you can watch below, Bill Gates seems to dodge many questions by using explanations of things HE feels like speaking about.

There’s a point where Gates says America is “one of the worst” countries when it comes to COVID-19. When asked how it’s the worst, Bill Gates goes on a tangent on what he feels we did wrong as a country while never answering how we are the worst.

There’s another point of questioning where Gates seems to almost want to say that masks don’t work, but he catches himself and spins it into how masks are seen as being against freedom.

The entire exchange is riddled with ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ from Bill, as if he doesn’t really know how to answer many of the questions

Watch for yourself..

Some credit can be given to CBS News on this interview. At least some good questions were asked of Bill Gates, even though they didn’t push too hard. CBS made sure to hit on the point of asking if the vaccines are safe if 80% of the people in the vaccine tests have had some type of systemic reaction.

It’s also funny to note that Bill basically admitted to the vaccines for COVID-19 won’t exactly follow the typical guidelines for testing and manufacturing the vaccine since he feels it needs to be pushed through faster onto humans. They even give this quicker vaccine timeline a name of “warp speed” that Bill Gates himself calls “scary.”

Meanwhile, you have lawsuits and information coming out now that show the dangers of certain vaccines. Not all, but some and at certain ages.

You can read the lawsuit paperwork here, where you’ll find the U.S. government was found to NOT ensure that all vaccines were safe over the past three decades. Not all manufacturers of vaccines were properly regulated in that time frame, especially those of child vaccines.

What are your thoughts on this? Will you get a vaccine, or would you rather stick to Hydrochloroquine?

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