Mob Attacks Uber Driver
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Uber Driver Can’t Believe He Survives While Media Downplays BLM Mob as “Teens”

This wasn’t reported by anyone of the mainstream media outlets as far I can tell. In fact, the story of the overall BLM riots in Chicago on July 4th was simply passed off as “protests” by the local media.

However, we can’t let this smaller story within the riots continue to be passed by. I’d love to keep this as a news story, but I’m going to have to throw my two cents into the mix on this one.

The Black Lives Matter rioters turned extremely violent on the night of the Fourth of July. It was so bad that they started attacking moving cars and the people in them, including Uber drivers.

This specific story is of an Uber driver that local news said was “attacked by teens.” Really? Fucking teens? That’s it?

The Uber driver said, “I knew they were coming. I said, ‘Oh fuck, and so they came and jumped on the car and started dancing around on the hood,” the driver said. “And then they broke in the driver window, and that’s where I knew we were in big trouble because they were trying to grab me, and I heard the back rear window shatter as well,” he continued.

“Who knows what would have happened if they were able to pull us out of the vehicle? It seem like they wanted blood,” he continued. “It’s terrifying just to think that there’s just basically a school of piranhas just roaming the streets of Chicago, and we don’t know where they’re going to show up.”

Again, it’s already known that this was a Black Lives Matter riot/mob. This poor Uber driver and passengers were almost killed, and these ass hats in the media, even local media, continue to defend these people and cover for them.

Don’t let this continue. If your media outlet is covering for these groups like BLM and Antifa, call them and complain. Over and over. Until we see change in coverage of the news.

People are using their feelings too much instead of their brains. You can see how scared people are of BLM.

Fuck BLM.

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