Yeezy for President

Yeezy for President

Yeezy for President, is it True?

Unless you live under a rock, you’re aware of the stunt Kanye West pulled on Fourth of July.

He’s supposedly running for president. In the elections that are in 4 months.

How? No idea.

Has he met all the requirements? No idea.

What party is he running for? No idea, but more on that below.

There are a lot of theories going around. One is that he’s trying to take votes away from Biden to make it easier for President Trump. Does the president need Kanye’s help?

Elon Musk Gives His Take

A surprising turn was that Elon Musk came out in support of him.

How serious is all of this? I guess only time will tell. I waited a few days before writing up anything on it to see if it would just go away. It hasn’t. In fact, more theories say this is more of a 2024 thing, and not for this year (which makes more sense).

Ye has also said that he’s running under the “Birthday Party.” Hmm…. all I can do is laugh at that. Is he being serious? Who knows, but no matter if you agree with him running or think it’s all a publicity stunt, you have to admit that ANYTHING is better than the leftist, Marxist cancel culture that’s been spreading around.

There’s bound to be more details on Yeezy for President, So stay tuned for more to come.

In the meantime, let us know in the comments or community what your thoughts are.

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