Satire: Nintendo Changes Donkey Kong to Donkey Drumpf in Games Citing Systemic Racism Changes

Donkey Drumpf

Nintendo has decided to remove anything related to racial slurs (like monkeys) in their games, citing their need to lead by example to inflict changes to the systemic racism in the gaming industry.

Their first move is to go after one of their most well-known characters, Donkey Kong.

“We didn’t even realize we were racist until we were told how racist we were,” one employee said.

“How am I going to live with myself knowing that this specific character has caused so many young black men to loot and riot,” said another employee. “We will change for the better starting now,” they continued. “We will make sure to change the game to go after those who think Capitalism isn’t racist. Donkey Drumpf will be the new name of the game and character.”

Of course, who better to make the bad guy that has been the cause of everything wrong in the world… am I right?

Here’s the first image with the expected game change.

Donkey Drumpf

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