More Protests Shut Down Streets in Pittsburgh Over Bar’s “Racist” Dress Code

saloon 941 protest

A new dress code was posted to the windows of a bar in Pittsburgh named 941 Saloon. Their new dress code is being called “racist” and at least 200 protesters blocked Liberty Avenue, among others, in protest.

Here is a list of points made in their new dress code:

  • No tank tops, cutoffs or sleeveless shirts
  • No hoodies
  • No athletic jerseys without collars
  • All pants must be worn at the waist
  • No bare midriffs
  • No chained wallets
  • No sweat pants
  • Attire must be neat and clean
  • No low hanging pants or exposed underwear
  • No pajamas
  • No gang related insignia
  • No bandannas worn on the head
  • No undershirts worn as shirts

Many will tell you that these types of dress code rules have existed among other places of business for years.

Many have already gone to Yelp to negatively review bomb the bar.

Do you think this is just another ploy by the mob to get what they want? Or do you really think this is a racial issue? Sign up for an account and let us know!

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