Did Biden Endorse Trump?

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Biden and Bernie

Only 237 more days until the 2020 presidential elections. The Dems have finally narrowed their candidates down to two. Two rich, old, white men. You know, the demographic that they hate.

The two candidates are commie Bernie Sanders…

and senile, creepy Uncle Joe Biden.

If you haven’t seen his campaign to date, he’s a hot mess. It’s obvious to anyone that he’s not all together there cognitively yet his doctors refuse to test him. Hmmmm…. Democrats aren’t corrupt at all.

It’s gotten so bad he’s slipped and endorsed President Donald Trump for reelection.

Of course CNN has come out to say it’s a fake video. A fake…video. Of Biden saying it…..

It’s not a fake. Biden is a confused old man who has been slipping further and further into senility.

Then there’s the argument he had with Union workers about taking their AR-14’s. Yes…AR-14’s. He couldn’t form a coherent sentence during this argument.

Yet this is the candidate that the left is endorsing. This is the candidate all former presidential candidates for the left are coming out in support of.

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