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On Friday, November 29 2019, London and The Hague, Netherlands experienced terror attacks.

A man wielding a knife and a fake bomb vest went on a stabbing spree. He killed two and wounded three more on the London Bridge

This most recent terror attack on London comes two weeks before a general election and three days before world leaders were to gather here for a NATO summit meeting.

If you remember Sadiq Khan is the London mayor who has said that terror attacks are “part and parcel of living in a big city”.

Why? Why should we just roll over and show our bellies to terrorists?

London has had an ineffective gun ban for more than twenty years and are now banning knives. We see how well these knife bans and turn ins are going.

The attack took place on London Bridge, which happens to be the same location of a deadly knifing attack in 2017. A truck veered into pedestrians before the assailants leaped from the vehicle and began stabbing nearby people.

Perhaps they need to rethink that gun ban.

Let’s head over to the Netherlands. The shopping district of the Hauge. A man said to be in his 40’s or 50’s wearing a grey sweatsuit went on a stabbing spree on the main shopping street of The Hague.

Unlike the London terror attacker, the Netherlands terrorist got away. They have no suspect.

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